Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FY 1973 pre-production aircraft (6)

Compiled by Oliver Tafel and Joachim Jacob

73-1664 (A10-0001) later modified into the only two-seat A-10, the night/adverse weather YA-10B (called N/AW A-10)

73-1665 (A10-0002) noted 10 Mar 2004 as GA-10A ground instructional airframe at Sheppard AFB, TX

73-1666 (A10-0003) at Hill AFB Museum, UT

73-1667 (A10-0004) at England AFB, LA

73-1668 (A10-0005) w/o 11 Mar 1982 at Eglin ranges with ADTC

73-1669 (A10-0006) w/o 8 Aug 1977 at Edwards ranges with AFFTC

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