Friday, April 17, 2009

FY 1981 production aircraft (60)

Compiled by Oliver Tafel and Joachim Jacob

81-0939 (A10-0634) 511th TFS, 10th TFW (AR); Desert Storm; to AMARC as AC0225 2 Aug 2000; returned to service 29 Sep 2000, 355th FW (DM)

81-0940 (A10-0635) 103rd FS, 111th FW (PA); w/o 18 May 1994 (for spares at Willow Grove)

81-0941 (A10-0636) to AMARC as AC0245 21 Dec 2000; returned to service 7 Feb 2001; to AMARC as AC0465 26 Aug 2005; returned to service; 355th FW (DM)

81-0942 (A10-0637) to AMARC as AC0474 13 Mar 2006; returned to service; 355th FW (DM)

81-0943 (A10-0638) to AMARC as AC0451 1 Mar 2005; 355th FW (DM)

81-0944 (A10-0639) 190th FS, 124th Wg (ID)

81-0945 (A10-0640) to AMARC as AC0208 5 Apr 2000; returned to service 31 May 2000; 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0946 (A10-0641) to AMARC as AC0185 3 Jun 1998; returned to service 7 Aug 1998; 66th WS (WA)

81-0947 (A10-0642) 511th TFS, 10th TFW (AR); Desert Storm; to AMARC as AC0236 12 Oct 2000; returned to service 7 Dec 2000; 422nd TES (OT)

81-0948 (A10-0643) 511th TFS, 10th TFW (AR); Desert Storm; 355th FW (DM)

81-0949 (A10-0644) to AMARC as AC0240 21 Nov 2000; returned to service 20 Jan 2001; 103rd FS, 111th FW (PA)

81-0950 (A10-0645) to AMARC as AC0491 14 May 2007; still at AMARC 15 Jan 2008; 355th FW (DM)

81-0951 (A10-0646) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0952 (A10-0647) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0953 (A10-0648) 511th TFS, 10th TFW (AR); Desert Storm; 74th FS, 23rd FG, 23rd Wg (FT)

81-0954 (A10-0649) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0955 (A10-0650) 190th FS, 124th Wg (ID)

81-0956 (A10-0651) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0957 (A10-0652) 92nd TFS (WR); w/o 8 Dec 1988

81-0958 (A10-0653) to AMARC as AC0198 12 Jan 2000; returned to service 15 Mar 2000; 66th WS (WA)

81-0959 (A10-0654) 25th FS, 51st FW (OS)

81-0960 (A10-0655) to AMARC as AC0244 20 Dec 2000; returned to service 3 Mar 2001

81-0961 (A10-0656) to AMARC as AC0450 1 Mar 2005; 355th FW (DM)

81-0962 (A10-0657) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0963 (A10-0658) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0964 (A10-0659) 511th TFS, 10th TFW (AR); Desert Storm; to AMARC as AC0426 11 Mar 2004; 23rd FG, 23rd Wg (FT)

81-0965 (A10-0660) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0966 (A10-0661) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0967 (A10-0662) 511th TFS, 10th TFW (AR); Desert Storm; diverted to Skopje after missile hit over Kosovo 2 May 1999; 23rd FG, 23rd Wg (FT)

81-0968 (A10-0663) 19th TASS (SU); w/o 29 Aug 1987

81-0969 (A10-0664) 355th FW (DM)

81-0970 (A10-0665) ?

81-0971 (A10-0666) 25th FS, 51st FW (OS)

81-0972 (A10-0667) 19th TASS (SU); w/o 29 Aug 1983

81-0973 (A10-0668) 25th FS, 51st FW (OS)

81-0974 (A10-0669) to AMARC as AC0220 28 Jun 2000; returned to service 23 Oct 2000; 355th FW (DM)

81-0975 (A10-0670) 172nd FS, 110th FW (BC)

81-0976 (A10-0671) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0977 (A10-0672) 66th WS (WA)

81-0978 (A10-0673) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0979 (A10-0674) 23rd FG, 23rd Wg (FT)

81-0980 (A10-0675) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0981 (A10-0676) 103rd FS, 111th FW (PA)

81-0982 (A10-0677) 355th FW (DM)

81-0983 (A10-0678) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0984 (A10-0679) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0985 (A10-0680) 81st FS, 52nd FW; mishap on 22 Nov 1998 (Pilot ejected and aircraft rolled off end of runway at Spangdahlem AB, Germany, and came to rest on a golf course); aircraft repaired and returned to service; 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0986 (A10-0681) 511th TFS (AR); w/o 22 Dec 1988

81-0987 (A10-0682) 511th TFS, 10th TFW (AR); Desert Storm; to AMARC as AC0223 12 Jul 2000; returned to service 25 Sep 2000; 75th FS, 23rd Wg (FT); severely damaged by AAA over Baghdad, Iraq, 7 Apr 2003 but returned savely to base (female pilot Capt. Kim Campbell unhurt); w/o; Gate Guard at Seymour Johnson AFB

81-0988 (A10-0683) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0989 (A10-0684) 40th FLTS (ET), large orange pitot tube Jan 2005

81-0990 (A10-0685) 23rd FG, 23rd Wg (FT)

81-0991 (A10-0686) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0992 (A10-0687) 81st FS, 52nd FW (SP)

81-0993 (A10-0688) 172nd FS, 110th FG; w/o 12/6/1992

81-0994 (A10-0689) 172nd FS, 110th FW (BC)

81-0995 (A10-0690) 23rd FG, 23rd Wg (FT)

81-0996 (A10-0691) ?

81-0997 (A10-0692) 355th FW (DM)

81-0998 (A10-0693) 172nd FS, 110th FW (BC)


Justin said...

81-970 when I left Alaska we sent this one down to davis monthan due to the BRAC in 2007

Unknown said...

anyone know where 81-0944 went to? I worked on that acft from 97 - 99. i was wanting to find out if they ever fixed the apu auto-shutdown problem

brick said...

81-0963 is a smoking hole in the ground in Germany.

fifthaly5 said...

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Unknown said...

I am one of the crew chiefs on 994. It's currently at Selfridge ANGB, Michigan. Just got back from a 6 month deployment in Kuwait never had a problem with the APU but it did have FSRS issues for about 7 weeks

Unknown said...

81-0968 and 81-0972 were assigned to the 25TFS SU at Suwon AB ROK when they went out due to pilot error in ACM training , both pilots ejected and were picked up by South Korean fishing vessel , story/rumor is both pilots were uninjured until they were reunited on the fishing boat and the causal pilot got punched out by the other pilot .
The 19th TASS didn't start flying A-10s until mid to late 1988 , they returned to Osan AB ROK around 1 Oct 1990